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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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evening hours, the slowly diminish. isolated flurries. we had overnight, the lens will diminish a little more. by tomorrow morning, air temperatures will range of 13 to 23 degrees. my forecast coming in a couple of minutes. many people had to get out for thees and hats order toe today in brave this weather. pamela brown continues our from northwestt washington. we have not seen people this bundled up since last winter. it is a blustery cold weather sting.kes your cheeks some took it in stride, but it caused a headache. it is a cold snap that is a shock to the system. " the coldest day i have experienced in a long time. >> it has not been this cold
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since last february. temperatures are hovering around 32 degrees. this family visiting from they feel duped by the steep drop in temperatures. >> when we left florida, it was in the 50 paused here. -- 50's here. >> something else they were not expecting, at snow. in some parts, it was just to select and the roads make havoc. virginia, of around 20 cars involved in a pileup. in frederick, md., at two accidents on 270. they are believed to be weather- related. conditions made difficult for some to do their jobs outside. >> the guys are having a hard time with the weather. >> on the national mall --
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>> i have three different layers. i am the dumbart, but that is ok. >> you want to keep that heavy debt of around a little bit longer. colderoing to be even tomorrow. there, temperatures will be on the rise again. is supposed to be around 50 on friday. we are reporting live in northwest washington. >> across the nation, winter has with the coldest air of the season. from michigan to a new york, all bundled up. there is more than 17 inches of snow in some places. even down in florida, the cold.r is temperatures are for the next few days. it could reach as far south as miami. have much more on the weather ahead. the temperatures in the
5:03 pm is caucus state and iowa. all the republican contenders they work very visible to the voters today. give us the words. are they feeling? >> we talked with a lot of people today. at this late hour, they are undecided. hoping they will hear the caucuses tonight that will help them make up their minds. goes to show, regardless of polling, anything can happen. in downtown des moines, iowa, in effort.itch for mitt romney, the tactic is
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simple. bill after obama. >> i think the president america should become a european-style welfare. in the last couple of days, i decided on mitt romney. >> koran put struck -- ron paul strength with young voters. rick perry,orum, bachmann predicted upsets. see a real surprise polls tonight. >> outside of the city, there is still in decision. >> i think a lot of people will make up their minds tonight. >> it is that wavering but newt gingrich believes he can capitalize on. >> the caucus goer will walk again, have a discussion, and will switch. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, we about another factor.
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that is democrats. they will register republican so they can night their say in new the gop nominee is. there are many others doing the same thing. also hear from mitt romney's wife. all that is coming up in an hour. >> stay warm and keep us informed. we are your politics station. to see more, check out our total gallery. a brutal killing at mount park has someal local park rangers in a state of shock. ranger margaret anderson used to work in our area. she was killed over the weekend by an armed iraq war veteran in washington state. kennedy caught up with of andersen's former co- workers today.
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news got the this weekend that their former colleague had been killed. pat took place during the weekend. happened as anderson in a roadipating block to make sure people hadring the national park thepment to deal with winter weather. just a joy to work with there. >> friends and colleagues of anderson are wearing a their badges as of mourning and remembrance. sunday, the 34-year-old was a road block in washington state. the highly skilled ranger worked parke national historical in maryland from 2004 to 2008. -- leftthough she has ago, she for years made a tremendous impact.
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it is like losing your friend. >> authorities said anderson was by 24-year-old barnes. his car was found containing weapons and body armor. his body was later found in a snowdrift. those who worked with anderson peaceful park say they by her death. >> at the end of the day, everybody comes on to their families. when someone does not, it really and think about -- >> she was the wife and mother of two little girls. had been with the park for 11 years. benjamin barnes was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. in a shooting at a party in sat at -- in seattle. then he fled to mount rainier, where he killed anderson.
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one of two men charged with killing an arlington health club guilty to pleaded first-degree murder. roger clark admitted to stabbing him to death. he attacked him as he walked to work in december of 2009. a second suspect was later released after charges on him dropped. police have identified a man after voters discovered the potomac river. the man is mohammed of alexandria. his remains were found yesterday morning. the medical examiner is still determining the cause of death. time of the search is on for a bandaged bandage in montgomery county. the man with bandages around his arms robbed this cvs pharmacy. he did not ask for any cash.
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wanted and what he got were prescription all thatrs, not unusual a crime. the description of the suspect certainly is. was completely wrapped up in sufferingike he was some horrible injuries. police do not know whether or not that was for real. the man's appearance has people talking. it was nearly 9:00 on christmas when this guy up. all wrapped up at the montgomery village cvs pharmacy. he told a pharmacist he had a and all he wanted for christmas was to steal some of its content. -- oxycontin. his apparent disguise looks more like a halloween costume. what does he look like to you? " somebody who has had an accident.
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>> it looks like he has been skiing. police say he looks like a crook. >> we are hoping someone in the recognize the disguise. >> beyond his depth, the suspect as a white man old between 200 and 230 pounds. to those customers, more than a little unsettling. >> shocking and very clever and scary. >> if you went back to the pharmacy, they would just think, poor guy. >> people did not give them a look as he walked into the store. this store was robbed twice in also at gunpoint. police said they did not think was connected.
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-- axico below: taking action to get vincent gray out of office. >> your morning coffee will now have -- will now cost you more. but only at some local starbucks. >> a body found on a family's vacation home. >> brace yourself for more pain at the gas pumps. >> brace yourself for more pain at the gas pumps. it is not
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gas prices could soon jumped almost 5 cents a gallon. >> we are live in arlington to what is going on. >> it all has to do with a longstanding ethanol subsidy that congress got rid of. the federalcost government $6 billion a year. some say it is not needed anymore. many, the price of gas these days already amounts to sticker shock.
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>> it is too much. >> it could get worse. congress opted not to renew a 30-year-old federal ethanol subsidy. it expired january 1. the gasoline vendors now must pay more. it is now cheaper to produce ethanol in gasoline. some say the industry no longer be --to >> subsidies need to go away. once the foundation has been to let them time go. >> a higher gas prices leave wheel lookinghe for alternatives. >> i have a scooter also. pay aers may just have to little bit more. with 10%is now a blend
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ethanol. last year, the epa approved a allow us to 15% that allowanceing to 15% ethanol. facing a lawsuit over mileage. a woman says her honda civic delivering the mileage the company promised. she is filing her own solo suit in small claims court. she wants the automaker to pay her $10,000. these colder temperatures business for area ski resorts. mountain and west got 8 inches of snow. that means great ski conditions. with temperatures in the single
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at the top of the mountain, they are able to make snow. will show you a live picture from the camera from liberty mountain. the pennsylvania slopes opened up on friday. cameras are on nonstop. it is going to warm up a little bit. >> it is going to get warmer, and that is bad? we have the florey's today. >> -- we have the flurries today. >> take a look at live super doppler 7. a few more have been passing of the oldast dominion.
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most of the activity is on the eastern shore right now. this is the coldest day of the be thed tonight will coldest night of the season. the gusty winds are reinforcing that feel of winter. we are coming up -- coming off the warmest december we have had in a while. this is a time lapse from the annapolis at the naval academy. the winds are so strong, you see squallscession of snow back, andnshine comes surprise. 20's rightw to mid- now. this is live data we share with on the network. the latest temperatures, mostly the 20's. 23 ingates there's burk, 27 in manassas.
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-- 23 in gaithersburg, 27 in manassas. air temperatures of north even colder. 12 in syracuse. the wind makes it feel even colder. zero degrees pittsburgh, that is their wind chill. the chill will be with us to the evening. will diminish tonight. we will stay fairly cloudy, but settle inir will tonight. lower teens in some areas tonight. a little disturbance moving overhead. round of snowresh showers and some of the mountains tomorrow. we will see a nice improvement. the week.f tonight, metro area, 25 degrees.
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19 in the morning. 32 by midday tomorrow. during the afternoon, we will to 35 or 36. 45 by thursday. at the improvement friday and saturday. lobar 50's. another system could bring some slightly cool temperatures on sunday. is what wed snap expected. the holidays are over, but have to be.oes not >> we are giving away in another ipad. and sign that your chance to win. the more people you share our information with, the more to windy ipad.e you want the ipad, sign your up, all right? we will announce the winner on friday. >> good luck, everybody.
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here is a look at what is coming up in prime time. the new comedy called "work it" premieres tonight. dayoming up, a modern clyde: a crime spree. hear how they finally caught up with them. >> arch campbell has his eye on that coming attractions generating some buzz. >> we are following a murder investigation on the same
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a new twist in a developing story from los angeles. the mother of a suspected withist has been charged fraud. she is not paid for a breast augmentation surgery. person was arrested yesterday, accused of starting more than 50 fires. about hiss angry mother's upcoming deportation. princeen elizabeth and at thisust spent time holidays.over the
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the browns could become a crime psst -- a crime spree. -- the browns could become a crime spree. >> it is the focus of a murder investigation. investigators are racing to out what exactly happened grounds of this estate. it is not wrapped in police tape of a woman was a wooded >> experts are currently , looking at anthropology, and they will be working here. >> the body was found new year's citizen walking a dog. just hours the queen and prince church lastthe sunday. >> i find it inconceivable that would have been dumped
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there. be one of the most crazy places to hide a body. try to take some are more discreet. been there for least 30 days, possibly up to four months. it is highly unlikely the death was natural. >> among the many questions is theg about, who victim? the performed to date police are looking at all britain.ersons case in queen elizabeth and prince philip are said to still be at the estate tonight. have you to come, noticed the crowd at the gym? >> not everyone is happy about
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get the fed and the new year. some shoppers had to pay for for the first time today. >> a political activist says he recall efforth a mayoreek to recall
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this is abc 7 news at 5, on your side. not everyone is happy with district is being run. >> one man is moving forward to mayor and some council members right out of office. >> the work is recall. for d.c. politics. cabdrivers one-to-one against he was mayor.hen activist-old political succeed this week when he launches his effort to mayor vincent gray. the 28-year-old frederick butler is launching a recall vincent merkel -- mayor vincent gray. >> we cannot afford bad politicians who are acting irresponsibly. will seek to
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recall harry thomas. whofound a number of people support awould recall. think he is that great of a mayor. some residents not only would but do not like butler. this clown? i think this man needs to get a life. think he is doing a great job. i would burk against any recall of the mayor. >> when i voted for him, i thought he would do something. i would sign it, yes. >> it would be no easy task. will need 45,000 signatures. >> i do not drink we can stand another three years of this
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administration. -- i do not think we can stand another three years of this administration. the mayor said in a statement late this afternoon doing what the voters elected him to do. he cited a recent survey, he keep washington one of the nation's most desirable cities. a hospital patient is under arrest after attacking someone inside a virginia hospital. marlon summerville stabbed the victim to last night. the victim suffered a minor wound to the face. let's take a look at today's top stories. after months of mild temperatures, the first blast of has blanketed our region.
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the arctic air made it feel like temperatures or in the teens today. dusted some of the roadways. >> the republican president candidates are making their last the iowa caucus tonight. at this hour, dozens of voters undecided. >> police need your help to find suspect who robbed a cvs pharmacy on christmas eve. surveillance video, the suspect up in bandages. authorities said the bandits stole an undisclosed amount of prescription medication. paper or plastic? you do not bring your own bags, you now have to pay. innext time you go shopping county, remember one thing. not bring your own bags, you will pay for it.
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>> i did not know it started today. >> under the law, retailers must charge 5 cents for each paper or plastic carry out back. -- bag. >> good morning. free bag for you. >> i wish i could help you today. >> thank you. >> the county plans to distribute well over 100,000 bags. the revenue will go to the water quality protection fund. interested in the revenue. gettingnterested in use the renewable bags -- reusable bags. >> other counties may follow suit. >> while the vast majority of folks we spoke to supported,
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it did so as aed of principle. i really do not support it. think it is another tax. technology is together family back spending years apart. the family was reunited with the afternoon. ago, this dog went missing when the family was on vacation. after an extensive search, they up empty-handed. arrived at theer county animal shelter. volunteers found a microchip. >> four years. -- years. some encouraging news for that use route 50. there will be a real time travel system for the highway. the electronic signs will go up
5:36 pm
boulevard, glebe road. the county is looking for a contractor to install this 10- mile system. time for a check on the situation. new year, mike. we have some big problems on 395 northbound. berry have the delays because of stretchdent in that shutting down the center lanes. southbound 95 in virginia, a all the way delays to try and go. are dealing with some slow the beltway. all of your travel lanes are open. but inner loop delays near river road. theouter loop is slow from legion bridge to 66. 495.l lanes are open on >> thank you. a study on covers what is really
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working in the paper towels in restrooms, even when they are clean. we stand on principle. >> you will be hearing about streep in the weeks ahead. imagineg up at 6:00, living downside by choice. see how the occupy d.c. folks are dealing with the cold. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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the oscar race is on. >> arch campbell has a look at anticipated coming attractions. i have done battle every single day of my life. and many men have underestimated me before. " meryl streep channels margaret thatcher's so well, she into the former prime minister. " opens january 13. "extremely loud an incredibly
5:41 pm
york" -- he asserts in new message from his father. it arrives january 20. >> he tries too much, and then is too quiet. quite a swinton never "we need to talk kevin." this holiday weekend, a mission impossible one the box office. it has made more than $140 dominating the holiday movie scene. >> award season begins next week. the golden globes are january 15. oscar nominations january 24. >> time flies. up, starbucks coffee
5:42 pm
prices are going up. but not at every starbucks store. out where you will be in ourg out more here area. >> it happens every single year. single january, people overto fight
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one of the most common new year's resolution is to lose weight. >> of course. the gymreally good for industry. are really frustrated with all these new goers. >> it is every single gym. packed all day long. new members infiltrate and deal with get him inere is to keep them here. >> the arrival of 2012 means andple are climbing stretching. meet their regular is to observe the phenomenon.
5:46 pm
>> it is a little annoying. >> it is a new year. to 220.back up >> they did not give exact numbers, but several hundred new members signed up this month. >> if you can do it once, you can do it again. >> the veterans have been there, done that. if i can do it, anybody can do it. >> i turned 40 that year. >> he lost 20 pounds and has kept it off. gained, like, 30 pounds. >> lifetime offers monthly memberships. it is good for business to keep folks exercising. >> we see a lot of success.
5:47 pm
>> february, march, april and beyond -- >> i will still be here. >> there is also something else going on. you also have the folks who usually exercised outside, no what season it is. on a day like today, they will come inside. a paper towel in a have beentroom may germs. found bacteria can on unused paper products. jurors can be transferred after people washed their hands. -- germs can be transferred after people wash their hands. researchers warn there are not that handsfree dryers cleaner, either. your coffee from starbucks about to cost you a bit more. the national coffee chain is the price is once again.
5:48 pm
higher cost for coffee, milk, and jewel all to blame. >> twins are making their public debut just in time for the new year. twin baby polar bears that time on for the first new year's day. very cute. they were born two months ago. defendant national park donated parents 11 years ago. >> they argued before they get eat you.h to >> exactly. >> next time you see a shooting is tomorrow morning. a meteor shower should be at its between 3:00 and don. -- dawn. this is going to be the first the new year. set your alarm clock. >> it could be interesting. ourordon peterson is in
5:49 pm
look ahead.h a >> we have been talking about it for months. the iowa caucuses are finally here. make ar these folks to decision. theinof them were air. will take a look at the topaign that has gone down the wire. what some are thinking as they had to their local meeting places. the first big event of the election season. the nation's largest is allowed and credit card their points away on facebook. that, let's get a of your weather tonight. it is pretty frigid tonight. >> it has winter written all over it. let's start you off with a look at our time lapse from chesapeake beach. looking out across the chesapeake bay. not show you the whole
5:50 pm
but look at the clouds. gusty winds all day. a nice day if you were inside cold and windy. we still have snow showers in winchester, southeast. we will see those snow showers on a southeasterly track. tonight, as the winds will the snow shower activity. 23 in gaithersburg, 27 in manassas, 28 in the city of washington. annapolis at 30 degrees. atfeels like 11 degrees dulles. here comes the next weather feature. few days away. we have a nice little warming
5:51 pm
trend. 35 tomorrow. into the 40's and 50's. teens in the morning, 35 in the afternoon. 45 by thursday, 53 on friday and saturday. bring a system could few showers. that is the latest. start with the redskins. mike shanahan has been watching of college quarterbacks for the last month. he is now attacking this off- season, and he needs to. of note old position having a locked and quality starter as this franchise moves forward. redskins, it is the pink elephant in the room. >> it is the most important position.
5:52 pm
>> its is the redskins, though. cannot get a stable quarterback. >> rex grossman has proven to turnover machine. yielded some has success. >> i think he ought to stay. i think he is decent. grossman is a free and the only quarterback john beck.act is >> this business is not about being fair. >> the redskins have the sixth pick in the draft in april. whether a franchise quarterback will be available at number 6? have rexredskins grossman back? will be even want to be back? >> you try to take your best
5:53 pm
opportunity. you never know what that is going to be. >> the redskins need a new star for 2012. >> amen to that. the winter classic is coming to washington. be next year. will d.c. host the winter classic? yes, sir. the caps may be turning the corner. they opened 2012 at home tonight. wins in going for four row. mike greene is expected back. interesting game, should be fun tonight. the caps may be turning the corner. those practice like those. you want one? callming up next, please
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a modern-day bonnie and clyde after the couple goes on a deadly crime spree. clyde after the couple goes on a deadly crime spree. tonight, they are behin
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i sweated the details. all the phone call the emls, , the lost weekends.
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they deleted please for days multi-state crime spree. >> the law finally caught up this modern-day bonnie and clyde. >> police were able to pin down couple and bring them into outside and nevada casino. police are calling them a modern-day bonnie and clyde. for good reason. the interstate crime spree was dangerous and turned deadly. surveillance video of suspect. police say it is a 24-year-olds. they allegedly stole a car last utah.ay in 24 hours later, broke into the home of a retired couple.
5:58 pm
>> they loved camping and fishing. found dead in their home. left behind, their bodies and of a struggle. police said it was a robbery gone bad. investigators say the killers dead couple's credit cards. the crime spree did not stop there. drove the car 200 crossing into nevada. there said two of carjacked a gunpoint. then they shot her in the head escaped. she made her way to this police station. >> she was transported by an ambulance. >> she is in critical condition. >> police were finally able to spot the suspects. they pursued them at a speed speeds of reached than 100 miles per hour. the police were not able to stop
5:59 pm
them. they disappeared along country roads. local and federal law enforcement officers are able to find them before they left in nevada this afternoon. abc 7 newses it for at 5:00. moines,e live in des where the first contest in aboutesidential race is to get under way. , the phrase isup here. see how long these temperatures will last. >> its is the coldest nights we had since february. dozens of occupy protesters plan the night. that is not the biggest concern. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is on your side.


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